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The Life of Christopher Columbus

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From His Own Letters and Journals

Edward Everett Hale’s recounting of the life of Christopher Columbus. Hale uses Columbus’s own writings as his primary source, and when those are not available, he uses the writings of those closest to the time period of Columbus. The book follows closely the personal fortunes of Columbus and the history surrounding him. Hale states his goal is to interest all classes of readers in the life of Christopher Columbus.

First published in 1891, this edition is derived from the original book with 17 black & white illustrations and map. As always, this edition is complete and unabridged.

Author(s): Edward Everett Hale

Illustrator(s): Various

Translator(s): None

Book Size: 6" x 9"

Pages: 166

Font Size: 12pt

ISBN: 9781649652140

  • Paperback: Perfect bound with gloss cover; cream standard paper.
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