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$4.95 Flat-Rate Shipping to the US
$4.95 Flat-Rate Shipping to the US

CM Simple Studies

Creator:  Crystal Wiley 
Instagram: simple.and.free_

Simple Studies are Charlotte Mason-inspired handbooks that include short, simple lessons for Pre-K to Upper Elementary students based off timeless, classic books. Each Simple Study offers living picture and chapter book lists, narration prompts and discussion questions, field guide recommendations, coloring pages for Pre-K students during read aloud, Handbook of Nature Study guidance when appropriate, and depending on the study; poetry, songs, illustrations, copywork, maps and more. 

Simple Studies have brought joy to hundreds of homeschool families while providing simple/short yet comprehensive lessons so each student can make personal connections with timeless truths at every stage of their development.

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  •  "I’m officially obsessed with your studies. They’ve been a life-giving presence in our homeschool this year & I’m so grateful to have found them.”
  • "My 6yo regularly asks for “just one more bird study, mom!” We love your studies!”
  • "We LOVE your lessons more than any others we've tried in our first year as homeschoolers. Both my 10 yo and 5 yo can engage in them and get a ton out of them."  
  • "We have a few of your studies and I am just always so so impressed. Thank you for putting out such great products!"
  • "We are starting the meadow one on Monday! I’m so excited! I love your studies. They are my favorite and I’m constantly telling people about them!"
  • "We have been doing the America study and it’s already blessed us.”
  • "I’m blending Heroes & Hope and America together for our social studies/history this year. What wonderful resources! Thank you!"
  • “I was loving our other books but he was just not getting it. So thankful for your Simple Studies.”
  • " I just started using your North American Animals handbook and am loving it!  Thank you for creating these resources."
  • "Today my oldest worked on her journal—they just love the curriculum. I love that it’s so simple!”
  • "We just started Heroes and Hope today and the kids loved it!"