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Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason


Charlotte Mason was a visionary educator and reformer whose innovative approach to education continues to influence pedagogical practices around the world. Born in England, Mason's life was dedicated to revolutionizing the way children were educated, placing a strong emphasis on respecting their individuality and nurturing their intellectual and moral development. Inspired by the belief that children are born persons with a natural thirst for knowledge, she founded the Parents' National Educational Union in 1887, which aimed to bring quality education to all social classes.

Mason's educational philosophy, known as the Charlotte Mason Method, challenged the conventional norms of her time. She advocated for a curriculum rich in living ideas and quality literature, believing that children should engage with living books that sparked their imaginations and cultivated a love for learning. Rejecting rote memorization and standardized testing, her method encouraged interactive and experiential learning through firsthand experiences in nature, art, music, and practical life skills. Mason's ideas also emphasized the importance of cultivating good habits and nurturing a child's character through the development of virtues.

Her legacy lives on through the widespread adoption of her educational principles by homeschoolers, private schools, and educational organizations worldwide. The Charlotte Mason Method continues to stand as a beacon for educators seeking to create holistic, well-rounded educational experiences that honor the innate capacities of each child. Mason's profound impact on education remains an enduring testament to her belief in the power of authentic learning, personal connection, and the development of a child's moral and intellectual faculties.

Important Works:

  • Home Education (Home Education Series - Vol 1)
  • Parents and Children (Home Education Series - Vol 2)
  • School Education (Home Education Series - Vol 3)
  • Ourselves (Home Education Series - Vol 4)
  • Formation of Character (Home Education Series - Vol 5)
  • Towards a Philosophy of Education (Home Education Series - Vol 6)
  • Elementary Geography
  • Poetry: The Savior of the World
  • Scale How Meditations