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H. E. Marshall

H. E. Marshall


Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall was a renowned British author and educator whose work had a profound impact on children's literature and education. Born in Bo'ness, Scotland, Marshall demonstrated a keen interest in history and storytelling from an early age. Her passion for teaching and her belief in the power of storytelling to educate young minds led her to write a series of historical books for children that would become her enduring legacy.

In 1905, Marshall published her most famous work, "Our Island Story: A History of England for Boys and Girls." This groundbreaking book aimed to make history accessible and engaging to young readers, presenting the story of England from its mythical origins to the early 20th century. With its lively narrative and vivid storytelling, "Our Island Story" captivated generations of children and became a staple in British classrooms, contributing to a more accessible and enjoyable approach to history education.

Henrietta Marshall's contributions to children's literature extended beyond her famous history book. She authored numerous other educational books, focusing on various subjects such as literature, geography, and mythology. Her commitment to providing young readers with accurate yet entertaining information paved the way for the development of modern educational literature. Through her work, Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall ignited a love for learning in countless children, leaving an indelible mark on the world of education and literature that continues to influence young minds to this day.

Important Works:

  • Our Island Story: A History of England for Boys and Girls 
  • Scotland's Story: A History of Scotland for Boys and Girls 
  • Beowulf: Translations 
  • Our Empire Story 
  • Canada's Story from the Our Empire Story series
  • India's Story from the Our Empire Story series
  • Australasia's Story from the Our Empire Story series
  • South Africa's Story from the Our Empire Story series
  • Through Europe and Egypt with Napoleon 
  • English Literature for Boys and Girls 
  • A History of France 
  • Stories of Robin Hood told to the Children 
  • A History of Germany 
  • This Country of Ours – the American title of the book, which was published in the United Kingdom as The Story of the United States
  • Kings and Things