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The Mary Frances Story Book

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The Mary Frances Series

Jane Eayre Fryer was a school teacher who wrote The Mary Frances Series for young girls and boys to teach them practical skills for home and away. The books are written as part story and part lesson combining whimsical story telling with real life skills such as gardening, homemaking, first aid, sewing, and cooking. The Mary Frances Story Book, though, is all story and gives background to Mary’s fairy helpers in her more practical books.

First published in 1921, this edition is derived from the original book with 36 color illustrations by Edwin John Prittie. As always, this edition is complete and unabridged.

Author(s): Jane Eayre Fryer

Illustrator(s): Edwin John Prittie

Translator(s): None

Book Size: 7.44" x 9.68"

Pages: 312

Font Size: 14pt

ISBN: 9781649652812

  • Paperback - Black & White Interior: Perfect bound with gloss cover; cream standard paper.
  • Paperback - Color Interior: Perfect bound with gloss cover; white standard paper.
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