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The Tale of Mistah Mule

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“But don’t you go to worryin’ yourself ‘bout work. I kin show you plenty tricks to git outer workin’.”

When Mistah Mule shows up on Farmer Green’s Farm everyone is clamoring to find out who the new arrival is. Eventually the news gets around that they have a balking mule on the farm. The only thing Mistah Mule is diligent about is not working. Will he learn to get along?

First published in 1923 The Tale of Mistah Mule is the ninth and final installment in Arthur Scott Bailey’s Slumber-Town series.

Choose from three formats:  Paperback, or Hardcover

Pages: 93  Size: 6" x 9"

Cream paper; perfect bound with gloss cover.

Cream paper; casewraped with gloss cover. 

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