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Clara Dillingham Pierson

Clara Dillingham Pierson


Clara Dillingham Pierson was an American author and educator best known for her captivating nature stories for children. Born in New Lisbon, Ohio, Pierson's love for nature blossomed during her upbringing on a farm. After obtaining her education, she taught school for several years before marrying John Calvin Pierson in 1893.

Pierson's passion for wildlife and her keen observation skills led her to write a series of beloved children's books. These charming tales, first published in the early 1900s, enchanted young readers with their vivid descriptions of animal life and their gentle moral lessons.

Pierson's writing style combined scientific accuracy with a lyrical narrative, making her stories both educational and entertaining. Her books became popular fixtures in classrooms and homes across America and were translated into multiple languages.

Beyond her literary achievements, Pierson was an advocate for nature education and encouraged children to explore and appreciate the natural world around them. Her legacy lives on through her timeless stories, which continue to inspire generations of young readers to marvel at the wonders of nature.

Clara Dillingham Pierson

Important Works:

Important Works:

Among the People series

  • Among the Meadow People 
  • Among the Forest People 
  • Among the Farmyard People 
  • Among the Pond People 
  • Among the Night People 

The Millers series

  • Three Little Millers: A Story of the Boys and Girls of Pencroft 
  • The Millers at Pencroft
  • The Millers and Their Playmates 
  • The Millers and Their New Home 

Other books

  • Dooryard Stories 
  • Tales of a Poultry Farm 
  • Plow Stories 
  • Living with Our Children: A Book of Little Essays for Mothers